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A Brilliant Idea… I wish I had thought of it!

Posted by Steve on January 14, 2009

Tom Taylor had this story from the Great Falls, Montana, Tribune in his Taylor-on-Radio newsletter today:

This station is opening a coffee shop at its new location.
That’s pretty nifty to think about – and on top of that, KEIN’s new studios in Great Falls, Montana are at a former gas station, says the Great Falls Tribune. And catch Clay Holly’s overall vision – “The idea is to have a local radio channel with news about Great Falls, and live disc jockeys. We also want to have opportunities for the coffee shop customers to have interaction through a mike.” And yes – the coffee shop will have a drive-through window. Maybe they’ll take requests. Munson Radio’s KEIN (1310) plays adult standards – and keeping some of the old gas station signs in the new setup dovetails very neatly with the station’s appeal.

Wow – this is localism at its best. Might not work well in a large, urban environment or for a station that excites partisan craziness. But – this is a great way for a big station in a small market to really touch its listeners. This is something that world-wide market focused broadcasters like XM-Sirius and Pandora couldn’t really pull off.

Brilliant, Clay! Hope you have great coffee!


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