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Nielsen, Arbitron and the Upcoming Battle – Part II: Engaged

Posted by Steve on August 17, 2009

Several months ago, I wrote an article about the potential for battle between Arbitron and Nielsen. It was called “Nielsen, Arbitron and the Upcoming Battle.” You can link to it here.

Since then, Arbitron announced its “ARB-TV” program and just last week the Financial Times broke a story about a new consortium of advertisers and agencies

In today’s “Taylor on Radio-Info,” Tom Taylor had a couple of paragraphs on this topic. He says, in part:

Now, #3, I’m hearing more concrete chatter about Area 51-kinds of research using an electronic detector much smaller than a PPM.

I thought to myself – “huh, top secret development? Didn’t I post a link to the actual photo of the Nielsen Go Meter?”

So, I popped back to the article and – lo and behold – the link to the picture of the “Go-Meter” was broken. A Google search for “Go Meter” or the file name for the original picture turned up nothing. Any reference to the “Go Meter” has been (it seems) removed from the Nielsen website. Interesting.

So – Tom is right. Nielsen HAS gone stealth on its PPM attack project.

Also in his article, Tom mentions the idea of installing encoding software on a cell phone that would perform the function of a device like the PPM. There are many problems with using a mobile device like a cell phone as a measurement device for audience ratings. The biggest one is the instability of the platform. A measurement device for media audience ratings needs to work like a simple appliance. Having other applications running on the platform at the same time raises the possibility of instability exponentially. Thus, the whole platform could crash and detection of media exposure would stop. The way to avoid this is to use an imbedded operating system on a single-function device, like the PPM. These devices can be rock-solid stable with very high levels of reliability. There are also behavioral reasons why the cell-phone solution doesn’t make sense, but this single technical reason is enough.

So – Arbitron and Nielsen are rattling sabers, but in a “muffled” way. It’s clear that the muffles will be taken off the sabers pretty soon. Nielsen will attack Arbitron in the major markets with portable electronic measurement. Arbitron’s move is to encroach upon Nielsen with its ARB-TV project and alignments with companies like TRA and Tivo.

Let the battles begin!


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Google’s YouTube News Near You… Local Radio Competitor or Opportunity?

Posted by Steve on August 4, 2009

The New York Times recently called attention to a new feature in YouTube called “News Near You.” Tom Taylor, in his Tuesday, August 4th edition of Taylor on Radio, led the top story in his newsletter with:

Just when you thought radio couldn’t get any more competition…Google shows up again, with a new service named “News Near You.”

It strikes me, as opposed to being competition for radio, it’s an opportunity to develop a station’s news image using someone else’s money. A station could cover a local story – say, an exciting city council meeting – and post the video on YouTube, free. They, embed the YouTube video in their website, providing listeners with an enhanced news story, with no video hosting costs to the station. And, here’s where it really gets cool. When someone is looking for local stories on YouTube, there are your station’s news stories, right there with the TV affiliates and so on.

So – another case of where there seems to be competition, there really is opportunity in new media.

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