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Ibiquity’s Struble Discusses Short and Long-term Issues Facing Radio

Posted by Steve on January 26, 2009

Bob Struble, president and CEO of Ibiquity Digital Corporation, has published a column reviewing his take on the recent Consumer Electronics Show. Ibiquity is the owner of the intellectual property for HD Radio IBOC technology. They license the IBOC to broadcasters, technology suppliers, and consumer electronics companies who make the radios and other devices that utilize the technology.

In his column on the Ibiquity website, Mr. Struble points out that there are a growing number of consumer electronics products that will compete directly with traditional radio (which Struble refers to as AM/FM). He also addresses the current economic challenges facing AM/FM, saying:

In my view, AM/FM is having such business difficulty now because it is suffering from both cyclical and secular issues. The shorter term cyclical issues – the current broad recession and the bad state of some radio company balance sheets – will get better over time. The long term secular issues – the intense new competition from different sources of mobile information and entertainment and the myriad new choices that consumers and advertisers have – are not going away.

His point is that the recession presents one set of problems and the introduction of new competition to radio presents another set of problems. He says that HD Radio is not a “silver bullet,” but simply an element in a more comprehensive strategy.

Indeed, this is true. What Mr. Struble calls “AM/FM” today may well be unrecognizable in just a few short years; indeed, it will be an amalgam of traditional analog radio, digital broadcast radio, IP-delivered radio, and web presence. For some broadcasters, these elements will be intertwined to present something that could be considered to be a completely different medium. Others will stick with one or two of these elements because that is how they can best service their audience.


One Response to “Ibiquity’s Struble Discusses Short and Long-term Issues Facing Radio”

  1. Greg said

    “Blaupunkt shows off world’s first Internet car radio”

    “DAB is dead. It’s about to be crushed by Internet radio, which is coming to cars courtesy of Blaupunkt. It’ll dish up more choice than ever before, as well as working in areas where there’s no digital radio signal.”

    “World’s First Internet Car Radio Would Go Perfectly in KITT’s Dashboard”

    “Satellite radio is dead. The world’s first internet car radio, from Blaupunkt and miRoamer delivers thousands of internet stations integrated with a standard AM/FM/CD dash console worthy of KITT.”

    You can bet that HD Radio is certainly now dead. Aside from that, there was no “buzz” at CES 2009 for HD Radio:

    “Some CES impressions”

    “HD Radio is not ‘hot’ – Ibiquity was not in the Auto (North) Hall. And each time I went by the booth in Central Hall, the occupants seemed more interested in talking to themselves than anyone approaching the booth. Could it be they were getting a lot of negatives, and were avoiding people? Or was it my Press badge? Internet radios are bubbling close to the top. I saw several car radios, including some that were ready for aftermarket installation. At least one company was there on Thursday night showing a ‘mobile hotspot’ where they made the entire vehicle Internet-abled. If they get any traction and, perhaps, a major auto maker to install them, they could quickly move up the marketplace.”

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